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FOI Disclosure Log March 2020

FOI Requests Released in March 2020
FOI Date Released Information Rleased Addtional Attachements Cost
FOI Response D9546 Pre-printed stationery.pdf [pdf] 212KB 02.03.20 Information re: Pre-printed Stationery N/A N/A
FOI Response D9548 Outpatient Services.pdf [pdf] 655KB 02.03.20 Information re: Outpatient Services N/A N/A
FOI Response D9551 Staff numbers and cost.pdf [pdf] 374KB   02.03.20 Staff numbers and cost  FOI Request D9551 response.xlsx [xlsx] 100KB N/A
FOI Response D9564 Transfer of Inpatients.pdf [pdf] 287KB 02.03.20 Transferring Inpatients

CL18 Transfer of SUs to Acute Care Policy.pdf [pdf] 1012KB

transfer checklist.doc [doc] 64KB

FOI Response D9556 Delayed Discharge.pdf [pdf] 289KB 05.03.20 Information re: Delayed Discharges N/A N/A
FOI Response D9560 Eating Disorder Patient Deaths.pdf [pdf] 366KB 05.03.20 Eating Disorder Patient Deaths N/A N/A
FOI Response D9561 Suicide Risk Assessments.pdf [pdf] 296KB 11.03.20 Suicide Risk Assessments N/A N/A
FOI Response D9569 Places of Safety.pdf [pdf] 367KB 16.03.20 Places of Safety N/A N/A
FOI Response D9568 Overseas Visitor Manager.pdf [pdf] 371KB 16.03.20 Overseas Visitor Manager Position N/A N/A
FOI Response D9567 Workforce for CAMHS.pdf [pdf] 796KB 16.03.20 CAMHS Workforce N/A N/A
FOI Response D9577 Suicide Risk Assessments.pdf [pdf] 367KB 16.03.20 Suicide Risk Assessments N/A N/A
FOI Response D9598 Trac System.pdf [pdf] 362KB 17.03.20 Trac System N/A N/A
FOI Response D9589 Suicide Risk Assessments.pdf [pdf] 368KB 17.03.20 Suicide Risk Assessments N/A N/A
FOI Response D9583 Section 7 MHA Guardianship Order.pdf [pdf] 291KB 17.03.20 Section MHA Guardianship Order N/A N/A
FOI Response D9590 Security Seals and Clinical Waste.pdf [pdf] 288KB 18.03.20 Security Seals and Clinical Waste N/A N/A
FOI Response D9602 Cannabis Based Products for Medicinal Use.pdf [pdf] 288KB 18.03.20 Cannabis Based Products for Medicinal Use N/A N/A
FOI Response D9599 Conducted Interviews.pdf [pdf] 289KB 18.03.20 Conducted Interviews N/A N/A
FOI Response D9549 CAMHS Services.pdf [pdf] 289KB 18.03.20 CAMHS Services N/A N/A
FOI Response D9581 Data Centre.pdf [pdf] 395KB 18.03.20 Data Centre N/A N/A
FOI Response D9571 Staff Bank.pdf [pdf] 286KB 18.03.20 Staff Bank N/A N/A
FOI Response D9591 Rapid Tranquilisation Policy.pdf [pdf] 286KB 19.03.20 Rapid Tranquilisation Policy

CL11 Physical Healthcare & Wellbeing Policy.pdf [pdf] 3MB

MM03 Policy for Rapid Tranquillisation.pdf [pdf] 2MB

FOI Response D9579 Incidents involving physical or sexual violence.pdf [pdf] 286KB 23.03.20 Incidents involving physical or sexual violence FOI D9579 submission .xlsx [xlsx] 5MB N/A
FOI Response D9576 IT Systems.pdf [pdf] 734KB 24.03.20 IT Systems N/A N/A
FOI Response D9584 Social Workers.pdf [pdf] 366KB 24.03.20 Social Workers N/A N/A
FOI Response D9578 Therapy for people with Parkinson’s .pdf [pdf] 288KB 26.03.20 Therapy for people with Parkinsons N/A N/A
FOI Response D9585 SAR Reponses.pdf [pdf] 287KB 26.03.20 SAR Requests Your information request and what happens next A5.pdf [pdf] 69KB N/A
  FOI Response D9588 Racist or Discriminatory behaviour .pdf [pdf] 485KB 26.03.20 Racist or Discriminatory Behaviour N/A N/A
FOI Response D9593 - Hymen Repair Surgery.pdf [pdf] 143KB 26.03.20 Hymen Repair Surgery N/A N/A
FOI Response D9580 Referrals for ASD.pdf [pdf] 443KB 28.03.20 Referrals for Autistic Spectrum Disorder N/A N/A


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