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FOI Disclosure Log July 2019

FOI Date Released Information Released Additional Attachments Cost
FOI requests released in July 2019
D9305 - Messaging Applications.pdf [pdf] 195KB 31.07.19 Messaging Applications N/A N/A
D9313 - Messaging Applications.pdf [pdf] 144KB 31.07.19 Messaging Applications N/A N/A
D9317 - Self Check In Kiosks.pdf [pdf] 144KB 31.07.19 Self Check In Kiosks N/A N/A
D9323 - Cord Blood Stem Cells.pdf [pdf] 179KB 31.07.19 Cord Blood Stem Cells N/A N/A
D9293 - Occupational Health Provider.pdf [pdf] 201KB 29.07.19 Occupational Health Provider N/A N/A
D9301 - Appointment Reminder and Bank Staff Systems.pdf [pdf] 162KB 29.07.19 Appointment Reminder and Bank Staff Systems N/A N/A
D9307 - Printing Services.pdf [pdf] 151KB 29.07.19 Printing Services N/A N/A
D9310 - Staffing re Brexit.pdf [pdf] 151KB 29.07.19 Staffing re Brexit N/A N/A
D9311 - Reasonable Adjustments for Staff.pdf [pdf] 152KB 29.07.19 Reasonable Adjustments for Staff N/A N/A
D9315 - Agency Spend 2018-19 and Staff Bank.pdf [pdf] 189KB 29.07.19 Agency Spend 2018-19 and Staff Bank N/A N/A
D9285 - Patients Recording Consultations.pdf [pdf] 192KB 25.07.19 Patients Recording Consultations N/A N/A
D9291 - Communications Department.pdf [pdf] 152KB 25.07.19 Communications Department N/A N/A
D9279 - Autism Diagnosis Waiting Times.pdf [pdf] 164KB 23.07.19 Autism Diagnosis Waiting Times N/A N/A
D9300 - Out of Area Rehab Placements.pdf [pdf] 205KB 23.07.19 Out of Area Rehab Placements  N/A N/A
D9304 - Apprenticeships 2017-19.pdf[pdf] 161KB 23.07.19 Apprenticeships 2017-19 N/A N/A
D9306 - Policy for Employees Experiencing Domestic Abuse.pdf[pdf] 194KB 23.07.19 Policy for Employees Experiencing Domestic Abuse FOI D9306 Staff Affected by Domestic Violence Abuse (DVA) Policy.pdf [pdf] 984KB N/A
D9277 - CAMHS waiting list June 2019.pdf [pdf] 148KB 19.07.19 CAMHS Waiting List June 2019 N/A N/A
D9286 - Chaplaincy.pdf [pdf] 143KB 19.07.19 Chaplaincy D9286 Questions.pdf [pdf] 139KB N/A
D9287 - Patients Died Waiting for Appointment 2014-19.pdf [pdf] 145KB 19.07.19 Patients Died Waiting for Appointment 2014-19 N/A N/A
D9290 - Generators.pdf [pdf] 145KB 19.07.19 Generators N/A N/A
D9297 - Locum Doctor Rates 2019.pdf [pdf] 143KB 19.07.19 Locum Doctor Rates 2019 FOI D9297 spreadsheet.xlsx [xlsx] 2MB N/A
D9302 - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Deaths 2014-19.pdf[pdf] 143KB 19.07.19 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Deaths 2014-19 FOI D9302 Q3-7.pdf [pdf] 113KB N/A
D9303 - Nursing Staff.pdf [pdf] 188KB 19.07.19 Nursing Staff N/A N/A
D9299 - Interpreting Services.pdf [pdf] 155KB 17.07.19 Interpreting Services N/A N/A
D9272 - CAMHS Agency Use.pdf [pdf] 146KB 16.07.19 CAMHS Agency Use N/A N/A
D9282 - Trust Contract Register.pdf[pdf] 163KB 16.07.19 Trust Contract Register FOI D9282 Contract Register.pdf [pdf] 120KB N/A
D9288 - Instant Messaging Apps.pdf [pdf] 145KB 16.07.19 Instant Messaging Apps N/A N/A
D9296 - ICS and STP staff bank.pdf [pdf] 142KB 16.07.19 ICS and STP Staff Bank N/A N/A
D9298 - Staff Bank Solution.pdf [pdf] 155KB 16.07.19 Staff Bank Solution N/A N/A
D9278 - Restraints Apr17-Mar18.pdf[pdf] 232KB 15.07.19 Restraints Apr17-Mar18 N/A N/A
D9280 - Robotic Process Automation.pdf[pdf] 204KB 15.07.19 Robotic Process Automation N/A N/A
D9283 - Support to Staff re Mental Health.pdf [pdf] 206KB 15.07.19 Support to Staff re Mental Health N/A N/A
D9284 - Agency and Bank Staff 2018-19.pdf [pdf] 143KB 15.07.19 Agency and Bank Staff 2018-19 D9284 FOI Agency Bank 1819 spreadsheet.xlsx [xlsx] 15KB N/A
D9289 - Video Conferencing.pdf [pdf] 144KB 15.07.19 Video Conferencing N/A N/A
D9292 - Psychological Therapies offered for Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder with Waiting Lists.pdf [pdf] 175KB 15.07.19 Psychological Therapies Offered for Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder N/A N/A
D9294 - Overseas Visitors.pdf [pdf] 178KB 15.07.19 Overseas Visitors N/A N/A
D9295 - Cost to Feed Inpatient.pdf [pdf] 187KB 15.07.19 Cost to Feed Inpatients N/A N/A
D9258 - Mental Health Services Accessed by Polish People.pdf [pdf] 198KB 11.07.19 Mental Health Services Accessed by Polish People FOI D9258 Business Planning Framework (2019-20).pdf [pdf] 1MB FOI D9258 Workforce and Organisational Development Strategy 2018-2021.pdf [pdf] 8MB N/A
D9276 - Paper Records and Analogue Dictation.pdf [pdf] 143KB 11.07.19 Paper Records and Analogue Dictation N/A N/A
D9259 - Zholia Alemi.pdf [pdf] 222KB 08.07.19 Zholia Alemi N/A N/A
D9263 - Reducing Single Use Plastics.pdf [pdf] 174KB 05.07.19 Reducing Single Use Plastics N/A N/A
D9264 - Non Disclosure Agreements.pdf [pdf] 177KB 04.07.19 Non Disclosure Agreements N/A N/A
D9265 - Employment Tribunal Cases.pdf [pdf] 143KB 04.07.19 Employment Tribunal Cases N/A N/A
D9273 HCPC Practitioner Psychologists.pdf [pdf] 144KB 04.07.19 HCPC Practitioner Psychologists N/A N/A
D9275 - Estates Strategy Document.pdf [pdf] 172KB 04.07.19 Estates Strategy Document FOI D9275 ESTATE STRATEGY 2011-2016 FEBRUARY 2011.pdf [pdf] 3MB N/A
D9281 - £25K spend January 2018.pdf [pdf] 144KB 04.07.19 Transactions over £25,000 Jan2018 N/A N/A


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