FOI Disclosure Log February 2023 | Disclosure Log

FOI Disclosure Log February 2023

FOI Requests released in February 2023
FOI Date Released Information Released Additional Attachments Cost
FOI Response D10872 - Corporate Systems.pdf [pdf] 187KB 28/02/2023 Corporate Systems FOI Response D10872 - Corporate Systems Info.xlsx [xlsx] 11KB N/A
FOI Response D10879 - Off Framework Temp Staffing.pdf [pdf] 180KB 28/02/2023 Off Framework Temporary Staffing N/A N/A
FOI Response D10886 - S2 funding applications and treatments.pdf [pdf] 179KB 28/02/2023 S2 funding applications and treatments N/A N/A
FOI Response D10874 - Misconduct Reporting.pdf [pdf] 185KB 27/02/2023 Misconduct Reporting N/A N/A
FOI Response D10876 - Hospital discharge team contact details.pdf [pdf] 175KB 27/02/2023 Hospital discharge team contact details N/A N/A
FOI Response D10851 - Sickness Absences.pdf [pdf] 251KB 26/02/2023 Sickness Absences N/A N/A
FOI Response D10871 - Telephony .pdf [pdf] 194KB 26/02/2023 Telephony N/A N/A
FOI Response D10832 - Eating Disorders.pdf [pdf] 227KB 26/02/2023 Eating Disorders N/A N/A
FOI Response D10860 - Calls to Urgent Mental Health Helpline .pdf [pdf] 160KB 22/02/2023 Calls to Urgent Mental Health Helpline FOI Response D10860 - Calls to Urgent Helpline.xlsx [xlsx] 12KB N/A
FOI Response D10861 - Hospital Catering - Meat Suppliers.pdf [pdf] 188KB 22/02/2023 Hospital Catering - Meat Suppliers FOI Response D10861 - Country of origins - Meat GMMH.xls [xls] 41KB FOI D10861 - Apetito Freedom of Info Request .docx [docx] 84KB N/A
FOI Respone D10869 - Personal Mobile Device & BYOD Policy.pdf [pdf] 185KB 18/02/2023 Personal Mobile Device & BYOD Policy N/A N/A
FOI Response D10849 - Data Protection Officer Details.pdf [pdf] 160KB 15/02/2023 Data Protection Officer Details N/A N/A
FOI Response D10845 - Trust Structure Chart.pdf [pdf] 178KB 14/02/2023 Trust Structures FOI D10845 - HR Senior Team Structure.docx [docx] 29KB N/A
FOI Response D10840 - Cyber Attack Incidents.pdf [pdf] 231KB 13/02/2023 Cyber Attack Incidents N/A N/A
FOI Response D10842 - Sexual Assault allegations.pdf [pdf] 218KB 13/02/2023 Sexual Assault Allegations N/A N/A
FOI Response D10844 - Data on Enteral feeding devices.pdf [pdf] 176KB 13/02/2023 Data on Enteral Feeding Devices N/A N/A
FOI Response D10763 - Improvement in rest facilities for junior doctors .pdf [pdf] 274KB 13/02/2023 Improvement in rest facilities for junior doctors N/A  N/A
FOI Response D10841 - Sexual Abuse Incidents.pdf [pdf] 209KB 13/02/2023 Sexual Abuse Incidents N/A N/A
FOI Response D10673 - Actions taken since Edenfiled Investigation.pdf [pdf] 230KB 09/02/2023 Actions taken since the Edenfield Investigation FOI D10673 - Edenfield Incident Management.pdf [pdf] 697KB FOI D10673 - Independent Clinical Review.pdf [pdf] 559KB ;  FOI D10673 - Stakeholder Briefing.pdf [pdf] 203KB N/A
FOI Response D10801 - Perinatal Mental Health.pdf [pdf] 290KB 08/02/2023 Perinatal Mental Health N/A N/A
FOI Response D10834 - Staff Vacancies.pdf [pdf] 185KB 08/02/2023 Staff Vacancies N/A N/A 
D10877 Elective Surgery.pdf [pdf] 189KB 07/02/2023 Elective Surgery N/A N/A
FOI Response D10821 - CAMHS Delays & Rejections.pdf [pdf] 239KB 06/02/2023 CAMHS Referral Rejection Reasons N/A N/A
FOI Response D10831 - Clinical Waste Contract.pdf [pdf] 248KB 06/02/2023 Clinical Waste Contract N/A N/A
FOI Response D10829 - Inappropriate Out of Area Placements in children and young people’s mental health services.pdf [pdf] 220KB 03/02/2023 Inappropriate Out of Area Placements in children and young people's mental health services FOI Response D10829 v3.xlsx [xlsx] 28KB N/A
D10853 sustainablilty&Environment Contact.pdf [pdf] 194KB 03/02/2023 Sustainability & Environment Contact N/A N/A
D10866 Call Centre - CRM system.pdf[pdf] 190KB 03/02/2023 Call Centre N/A N/A
FOI Response D10827 - Social Workers.pdf [pdf] 199KB 02/02/2023 Social Workers N/A N/A
FOI Response D10828 - Admissions by Patients of No Fixed Abode-Address .pdf [pdf] 220KB 02/02/2023 Admissions by Patients of No Fixed Abode/Address N/A N/A
FOI Response D10852 - Flights.pdf [pdf] 216KB 02/02/2023 Flights N/A N/A
FOI Response D10859.pdf [pdf] 220KB 02/02/2023 Recruitment Agencies N/A N/A
FOI Response D10824 - IAPT Financial Difficulties.pdf [pdf] 207KB 01/02/2023 IAPT Financial Difficulties N/A N/A
D10857 Formularies.pdf [pdf] 181KB 01/02/2023 Formularies N/A N/A


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