FOI Disclosure Log August 2020 | Disclosure Log

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FOI Disclosure Log August 2020

FOI Requests released in August 2020

FOI Date Released Information released Additional Attachments Cost
FOI Response D9702 - Overpayments.pdf[pdf] 150KB 31.08.2020 Overpayments FOI Response D9702 Supporting Info - Overpayments.xlsx[xlsx] 12KB N/A
FOI Response D9705 - NHS Immigration Surcharge.pdf [pdf] 150KB 27.08.2020 NHS Immigration Surcharge N/A N/A
FOI Response D9709 - Winter Travel Arrangements 2020.pdf[pdf] 144KB 26.08.2020 Winter Travel Arrangements 2020 N/A N/A
FOI Response D9703 - Counter Fraud Provision.pdf[pdf] 202KB 25.08.2020 Counter Fraud Provision N/A N/A
FOI Response D9704 - Trust Personnel.pdf [pdf] 145KB 25.08.2020 Trust Personnel N/A N/A
FOI Response D9706 - Diagnosis of Munchausen.pdf [pdf] 146KB 25.08.2020 Diagnosis of Munchausen N/A N/A
FOI Response D9673 CAMHS & Chronic Physical Illness.pdf [pdf] 282KB 19.08.2020 CAMHS & Chronic Physical Illness N/A N/A
FOI Response D9697 - Zero Hours Contracts.pdf[pdf] 191KB 19.08.2020 Zero Hours Contracts N/A N/A
FOI Response D9699 - Laundry Linen Management.pdf [pdf] 150KB 19.08.2020 Laundrey Linen Management N/A N/A
FOI Response D9696 - Off Framework Agency Nurse spend.pdf[pdf] 185KB 18.08.2020 Off Framework Agency Nurse Spend N/A N/A
FOI Response D9700 - External Well Led Review.pdf [pdf] 144KB 18.08.2020 External Well Led Review N/A N/A
FOI Response D9701 - Patents and Licenses.pdf[pdf] 144KB 18.08.2020 Patents & Licenses N/A N/A
FOI Response D9695 - Food Waste generated by Trust sites.pdf [pdf] 155KB 17.08.2020 Food Waste generated by Trust sites N/A N/A
FOI Response D9690 - Ethnicity of Senior Trust Staff.pdf [pdf] 148KB 14.08.2020 Ethnicity of Senior Trust Staff N/A N/A
FOI Response D9693 - Lone Workers & Lone Devices.pdf [pdf] 151KB 14.08.2020 Lone workers & Lone Devices N/A N/A
FOI Response D9698 - Podiatry and Orthotic Products.pdf [pdf] 144KB 14.08.2020 Podiatry & Orthotic Products N/A N/A
FOI Response D9689 - Bank & Agency Shifts and Spend 2019-20.pdf[pdf] 284KB 13.08.2020 Bank & Agency Shifts and Spend 2019-20 N/A N/A
FOI Response D9685 - Staff leavers & Vacant Posts.pdf [pdf] 250KB 11.08.2020 Staff Leavers & Vacant Posts N/A N/A
FOI Response D9686 - Data on Child Mental Health Inpatients.pdf [pdf] 322KB 11.08.2020 Data on Child Mental Health Inpatients N/A N/A
FOI Response D9692 - Procurement of Hand Sanitiser.pdf[pdf] 142KB 10.08.2020 Procurement of Hand Sanitiser N/A N/A
FOI Response D9682 - BAME Staff.pdf [pdf] 126KB 06.08.2020 BAME Staff RA N/A N/A
FOI Response D9678 - Teams & Departments.pdf [pdf] 213KB 05.08.2020 Trust Teams & Departments N/A N/A
FOI Response D9687 - IT Teams and Estate.pdf [pdf] 200KB 05.08.2020 IT Teams & Estates N/A N/A
FOI Response D9683 - Sustainability.pdf [pdf] 160KB 04.08.2020 Sustainability N/A N/A
FOI Response D9684 - No of staff returning to practice.pdf [pdf] 144KB 04.08.2020 No of Staff returning to practice N/A N/A


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