Out of Hours Service Helpline


The out of hours service contact numbers are:

01204 483 071
for Bolton, Salford and Trafford localities

0161 271 0450
for the city of Manchester

** These numbers are for current GMMH service users. If you are not a GMMH service user and need out of hours support, please see the useful links section.**

Our out of hours helpline numbers, provide phone-based support for GMMH service users, across GMMH service locations including Bolton, Manchester, Salford and Trafford localities. Please see above for which numbers apply to which areas.

The out of hours helpline team is comprised of mental health professionals with nursing and social work backgrounds.

The two helplines provide a service from 5pm to 9am Monday to Friday and 24 hours over Saturday and Sunday.

The helpline is primarily a resource for individuals who are:

  • Current service users of adult and older adult community mental health services.
  • Individuals who have recently been discharged from these services or have recently undergone assessment by urgent care mental health services and signposted to other resources to best meet their mental health needs.
  • Individuals who are experiencing a rapid decline to their mental health or encountering emotional or psychological distress.
  • Carers and relatives who are concerned for the welfare of such individuals or are struggling to cope with the burden of caring.

This phone-based support can help someone in crisis to maintain their welfare until they can make contact with their regular care team or established support resources. It provides continuity of care and support based on a person’s care plan and helps recovery by enhancing coping strategies, drawing on the individual’s own strengths and resources.

In an emergency

If you are concerned about an immediate risk of harm - either to yourself or someone else - phone 999. If it is not an emergency but you require urgent advice, call 111. Visit your local Accident & Emergency department if necessary.

Crisis Care

We have various teams that offer help to people experiencing a mental health crisis, such as the Mental Health Liaision Team.

You can also click here for suicide prevention advice.