Supervision for CBT, CBTp and CBTpd – 5-day CPD course

About the programme

This 5 day programme has been developed as part of the commissioned CBT training provision for staff working in Adult Community Mental Health Services, including Primary Care Services. This programme is aimed at experienced CBT practitioners currently, or about to be in a supervisory role of other CBT practitioners.

The programme provides an opportunity for participants to reflect upon and develop their supervisory practice, build on existing competencies and increase confidence in their supervisory skills.


Programme Aims

The aims of the programme are for supervisors to build on their existing knowledge & skills in order to be able to:

  • Understand and observe in practice relevant models of learning and supervision
  • Have increased clarity re the context and functions of supervisory relationships
  • Demonstrate greater breadth and depth in supervisor skills
  • Have a framework for the evaluation of supervisory competence
  • Demonstrate enhanced confidence in supervisory practice
  • Develop further learning goals to take their supervisory practice forward
  • Share experiences and develop confidence/ skills in remote supervision delivery
  • Assist participants who wish to in working towards individual accreditation as a Supervisor with the British Association of Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).

Who Can Apply

You cannot apply directly to the training centre for this course.

The programme is aimed at experienced CBT Therapists who are in, or about to be in a supervisory role of other CBT Therapists. Nominated and supported staff members from relevant services can apply.

Training Component

The programme is made up of 5 days of online workshops covering the following topics:

  • Models, functions, competencies, supervision contracts    
  • Supervisory alliance, Active Supervision methods
  • Assessing competency of Supervisees and Supervisors 
  • Self & Peer assessment, Challenges & dilemmas, Development & sustaining of supervisory skills
  • The fifth day is a clinical ‘refresher’ day, which is usually a Masterclass form a national CBT lead in a topic relevant to the service setting

NB: Curriculum is subject to change. More information will be provided at application

How to Apply

You cannot apply directly to the training centre for this course.

NHS England (NHSE) carry out an annual scoping, usually in the Spring, asking eligible services if they wish their staff to be allocated places on this programme. Services will then request places and NHSE will consider those requests in their allocation. Application forms are circulated to those services, usually in November of each year, and service managers then support applications from relevant staff. The deadline for applications is usually January, and the programme normally runs from March each year. There are no formal interviews for the programme, although applicants may be contacted for clarification if their application doesn’t appear to meet entry criteria (trained and qualified in CBT, Accredited in CBT, currently in a supervisory role in an eligible service).

Contact Us

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We are happy to answer questions related to the course itself, but unfortunately are unable to provide any general career advice.


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