Building Attachments and Bonds Support

At Wigan Building Attachments and Bonds Support (BABS), we work with parents and carers who are expecting a baby and those with babies and toddlers up to the age of three years old. Our service provides essential support to parents and carers who are having difficulty bonding or developing their relationship with their baby or toddler. 

Pregnancy, birth and caring for a new baby and the early years can be a challenging and confusing time for many parents. A number of things might get in the way of you enjoying your relationship with your baby or toddler, such as:

  • Feeling down or anxious 
  • Having a difficult birth 
  • Worrying about your baby  
  • Worrying about your ability to cope as a parent 
  • Difficult events from the past 
  • Worrying regularly about your baby or toddler 
  • Not feeling good enough 
  • Feeling like you aren't doing the right thing 

Our focus is on building a trusting and supportive relationship with you and your baby and with the right support, evidence shows this period is a great time to make positive changes for the future, for both you and your baby.

Who is our service for?

Our service is here to help any mums and dads who are having difficulty bonding or developing their relationship with their baby.  

To access support, you will need to be expecting a baby or have a baby or toddler under three years old at the time of referral, and you will need to be registered with a GP in Wigan. 

What will happen at your first appointment?

We offer supportive sessions for parents and their babies or toddlers together, or to parents during pregnancy. These sessions may take place in your home or in the community, such as at a children's centre or a local clinic. 
At your first appointment, you and your baby or toddler will have a chance to meet with a therapist to talk about what is going well, what isn't going so well, and whether we are the right service to help.  
It will be an opportunity to talk about any worries you might have and find out about how we will work together. Both parents / carers are welcome. We will work with whoever comes along to the appointment. 

Who do we work in partnership with?

We work closely with local health visitors, perinatal mental health services, midwives and children's centres.  

How to access our service

We accept referrals at any point during pregnancy and up until the infant is three years old. Referrals to our service are for those parents or carers who are struggling in the relationship they have with their baby or toddler. 

If you would like support from our service, you can contact us directly or speak to your GP, midwife, health visitor or any other health professional working with you. They will also be able to refer you to our service if they think we can help. 

Tips and Information

Read our blog with guidance, tips and information on building a relationship with and knowing your baby:

As a patient

As a service user, relative or carer using our services, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for help, advice, and support. 

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