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Active research studies

At GMMH, we want to provide opportunities for our service users and staff to take part in research.


We have a wide range of studies covering mental health, dementia and health services. We have a study to suit every service user.


Our studies range from questionnaires and observational studies, to clinical and drug trials. Participation can last from as little as 15 minutes to several years.

Many of our studies are high-quality research studies included in the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN) portfolio.

If you are interested or know somebody who is interested in taking part in any of the studies below, please email


GMMH Active R&I Studies


Study Title Description Study Contact Current PIS (Participant Information Sheet) Web Link
Prevention of suicide behaviour in prison (work packages 3 and 4)

The prevention of suicide behaviour in prison: enhancing access to therapy (PROSPECT) programme (work packages 3 and 4)

Chief Investigator: Daniel Pratt
Local lead: Daniel Pratt

Jessica McGiffen

PIS Prospect Process Evaluation - Prospect Practitioner Version v2.pdf [pdf] 248KB

PIS Prospect Process Evaluation Interviews - Service user v2.pdf [pdf] 245KB

PIS Prospect Process Evaluation Interviews - Service user v2.pdf [pdf] 245KB

PIS Prospect Process Evaluation Interviews - Staff Version v2.pdf [pdf] 247KB

PIS Prospect Process Evaluation Observation study - Service User Version v2.pdf [pdf] 244KB

PIS Prospect RCT v3.pdf [pdf] 279KB

Relational Approach to Treating Self-Harm (RelATe)

Relational Approach to Treating Self-Harm (RelATe): A Feasibility Study of Cognitive Analytic Therapy for People who Self-Harm

Chief Investigator: Peter Taylor
Local lead: Peter Taylor

Jessica McGiffen RELATE PIS.pdf [pdf] 294KB  
Bipolar At Risk Trial II (BART II)

Cognitive behavioural therapy in comparison to treatment as usual in young adults at high risk of developing bipolar disorder (Bipolar At Risk): A randomised controlled trial to investigate the efficacy of a treatment approach targeted at key appraisal change

Chief Investigator: Sophie Parker
Local lead: Sophie Parker

Momina Moughal BART II PIS.pdf [pdf] 228KB  

Antidepressant for the prevention of DEPression following first episode Psychosis trial

Chief Investigator: Rachel Upthegrove
Local lead: Richard Drake

Naomi Berry

ADEPP - Main PIS.pdf [pdf] 554KB

ADEPP - Screening PIS.pdf [pdf] 152KB


Pharmacogenetics in mental health

Personalised medicine for psychotropic drugs (antipsychotics, antidepressants, antimanic agents and other pychotropics)

Chief Investigator: Elvira Bramon
Local lead: Parveen Sharma

Carmel Thomas

Pharmacogenetics in mental health - Localised_Participant Information Sheet_V1.6_15Sep22.pdf [pdf] 167KB  
Care Coordinator Delivered Method of Levels for Psychosis (CAMEO)

Improving engagement and recovery in people with early psychosis through Method of Levels therapy delivered by care coordinators: Feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial

Chief Investigator: Robert Griffiths
Local lead: Momina Moughal

Momina Moughal

CAMEO - PIS care coordinator version 1.1_13.04.2022.pdf [pdf] 267KB

CAMEO - PIS service user version 1.1_13.04.2022.pdf [pdf] 306KB

Testing the Smoke Free app in Early Intervention Services

Using smartphone apps for smoking cessation in first-episode psychosis: A feasibility study

Chief Investigator: Joseph Firth
Local lead: John Sainsbury

Steve Lankshear Testing the Smoke Free app in Early Intervention Services - PIS_V9 16-12-21.pdf [pdf] 357KB  
Prevalence of pathogenic antibodies in psychosis (PPiP2)

Prevalence of neuronal cell surface antibodies in patients with psychotic illness

Chief Investigator: Belinda Lennox
Local lead: Stella Anakwe-Umeh

Steve Lankshear

PPiP2 - PIS Recovered.pdf [pdf] 184KB

PPiP2 - PISCCF Relative.pdf [pdf] 176KB

Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression (GLAD)

NIHR Mental Health BioResource for Depression and Anxiety

Chief Investigator: Gerome Breen
Local lead: Carmel Thomas

Carmel Thomas GLAD - PIS.pdf [pdf] 209KB CLICK HERE
Family Intervention for Africans and Caribbeans with Psychosis Trial (CaFI-2 RCT)

The effect on relapse of Culturally-adapted Family Intervention (CaFI) compared to usual care among African & Caribbean people diagnosed with psychosis in the UK: a Randomised Controlled Trial

Chief Investigator: Dawn Edge
Local lead: Josanne Holloway

Momina Moughal

CaFI - PIS and ICF Care Coordinators.pdf [pdf] 358KB

CaFI - PIS and ICF Therapists.pdf [pdf] 385KB

CaFI - PIS_Under 16s_Service Users.pdf [pdf] 289KB

CaFI - PIS Family Support Members (Over 16s).pdf [pdf] 380KB

CaFI - PIS Under 16s_Relatives and Carers.pdf [pdf] 314KB

CaFI - PIS Service Users (Over 16s).pdf [pdf] 333KB

CaFI - PIS Carers and Relatives (Over 16s).pdf [pdf] 400KB

IPPACT Phase 3: Observational Cohort Study - v1

Improving prediction of psychosis in ARMS using a clinically useful prognostic tool (IPPACT) - Cohort Study

Chief Investigator: Filippo Varese
Local lead: Filippo Varese

Emma de Paolo IPPACT - PIS.pdf [pdf] 204KB  
The RESTART Project

The RESTART Project: A mixed-method study to examine the emotional and psychological impacts of trauma and resolve barriers to trauma therapy in people with an at risk mental state

Chief Investigator: Filippo Varese
Local lead: Lewis Fry

Emma DePaola

RESTART - (Healthcare professionals) Participant information sheet_v1_ 17 06 2021.pdf [pdf] 264KB

RESTART - (cohort study) participant information sheet_ v1 17 06 2021.pdf [pdf] 290KB

RESTART - (qualitative interview) partcipant information sheet _v1_17 06 2021.pdf [pdf] 274KB


Remote Approaches to Psychosocial Intervention Delivery (RAPID)

Remote psychosocial interventions to prevent avoidable psychiatric hospital admissions in people with serious mental health problems: a multi-arm multi-stage trial

Chief Investigator: Tony Morrison
Local lead: Tony Morrison

Corey Lee

RAPID - PIS 3.0 25_05_2022 clean.pdf [pdf] 258KB  

Access Assessments for Admission to Adult Medium & Low Secure Services

Access Assessments for Admission to Adult Medium & Low Secure Services

Chief Investigator: Sarah Leonard
Local lead: Sarah Leonard

Kelly Gallagher Access Assessments for Admission to Adult Medium & Low Secure Services - PIS.pdf [pdf] 152KB  
Lumi Nova: Implementation in Greater Manchester

Lumi Nova - a digital intervention supporting 7-12 year olds who experience symptoms of anxiety. An implementation study in Greater Manchester to optimise for economically disadvantaged children.

Chief Investigator: Pauline Whelan
Local lead: John Sainsbury

Donna Watterson

Lumi Nova - PIS 7-12 V3.0 22.07.22.pdf [pdf] 385KB

Lumi Nova - PIS PG of CYP ppts V3.0 22.07.22.pdf [pdf] 609KB

Lumi Nova - PIS SDM V1.2 09.06.22.pdf [pdf] 175KB

Service user & staff views on digital remote monitoring for psychosis (CONNECT)

A qualitative study of service user and staff views on digital remote monitoring for unusual distressing experiences (psychosis)

Chief Investigator: Sandra Bucci
Local lead:  Sandra Bucci

Steve Lankshear

CONNECT - PIS (Service Users).pdf [pdf] 279KB

CONNECT - PIS (Staff).pdf [pdf] 272KB

Stratification of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease for drug discovery II (StrataStem)

Stratification of sporadic Alzheimers disease for an intelligent drug discovery approach using patient derived induced pluripotent stem cells: Improving therapeutic intervention, diagnosis and prognosis of sporadic Alzheimer's disease using in vitro neuronal models of the disease.

Chief Investigator: Chris Ward
Local lead: Ross Dunne

Leanne Howieson StrataStem - PIS.pdf [pdf] 185KB  
A study of AVP-786 for agitation in patients with Alzheimer's dementia

A Phase 3, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to assess the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of AVP-786 (deudextromethorphan hydrobromide [d6-DM]/quinidine sulfate [Q]) for the treatment of agitation in patients with dementia of the Alzheimer's type

Chief Investigator: Salman Karim
Local lead: Ross Dunne

Leanne Howieson


Otsuka 20-AVP-786-306 - PATIENT INFORMATION SHEET (patients with mild form of Alzheimer’s).pdf [pdf] 245KB

Otsuka 20-AVP-786-306 - PATIENT INFORMATION SHEET (patients with moderately severe or severe form of Alzheimer’s).pdf [pdf] 196KB

Avoidable harm in prison healthcare

Understanding the scale and nature of avoidable harm in prison healthcare

Chief Investigator: Jennifer Shaw
Local lead: Jennifer Shaw

Anita Davies

Avoidable Harm in Prison - PIS (Family) v2.pdf [pdf] 191KB

Avoidable Harm in Prison - PIS (Prisoners).pdf [pdf] 182KB

Avoidable Harm in Prison - PIS (Staff).pdf [pdf] 190KB



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