The Woodlands

About our service

Woodlands is an older adult  inpatient facility located in Little Hulton, Salford. We accept referrals from Bolton and Salford Older Adult Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) or via GMMH Liaison Team based within A&E departments at Royal Bolton and Salford Royal Hospitals. Our service users are either informal or detained under the Mental Health Act. Our staff offer patients and their carer’s information about mental health, recovery and the choices and resources available to them.

We provide 24 hour care for service users who need intensive support in managing their mental illness. Our aim is to help service users become well enough to return to living in their local community, whether that’s in their own home or in a nursing or care home.

Wards located at the Woodlands are as follows:

Ward Description Contact Number

Delamere Ward

16 bed female ward for older people, predominantly those who are living with dementia or a functional mental illness such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Treatments include a variety of therapeutic interventions.

0161 357 1310

Hazelwood Ward

18 bed mixed ward for older people who are living with a functional illness, for example bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. Treatments include a variety of therapeutic interventions.

0161 357 1298

Holly ward

17 bed male ward for older people living with dementia. The ward supports patients and their carers to maximise their life potential.

0161 357 1299

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