Recovery Pathways: Wellbeing through art, people and places

Studio One artworkRecovery Pathways is a Trust citywide service. Through creative and wellbeing themed practice that is delivered in supportive settings, we aim to build confidence and skills, enable personal recovery from mental distress and support access to moving on.

The service offers time-limited programmes of specific activities that encourage independence, improve wellbeing strategies, and access to leisure, education and employment or volunteering opportunities.

We help people to lead valued lives by providing support, goal-focused activity, learning and training. Through creative activity and meaningful occupation we support people with their aspirations, achieve their goals and be part of their communities.

The service is broken down into the following areas:

  • Start
  • Studio One
  • Benchmark
  • Green Wellbeing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Arts for Good Health Courses
  • Individual Placement Support – Employment Service (for clients on CPA only)

Short courses and other sessions are frequently run at a range of settings across the city. Working with goals in mind, Recovery Pathways activity services encourage personal reflection and help individuals to achieve in the following ways:

  • Effectively manage symptoms
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Recognise and apply coping strategies
  • Notice the world around us
  • Practise good decision making
  • Improve social skills and connect with others
  • Increase independence
  • Become comfortable in groups settings
  • Recognise progress
  • Manage commitment and routine

There are two pathways into our service through a central referral email address and for more information on how to refer please see below…


How to refer

Referring to Recovery Pathways means that service users have access to time-limited support of around 12 months including a regular review of progress, occupational therapy where needs are identified, a variety of activities and a moving on plan.

Referrals will be considered using the following criteria:


           People over the age of 18

           Manchester resident

           Existing Trust user

           Under care of CPA with up to date Risk & CPA (within 12 months)

           or meets NEC criteria (with Lead Professional involved for duration of their engagement with our service)


Please send NEC form by email with password protection or by post to Recovery Pathways Referrals, Cornbrook Enterprise Centre, 70 Quenby Street, Hulme, Manchester M15 4HW

NEC Form -  National eligibility criteria for social care.docx

Please email referrals to:

For further advice, please call 07436 560 917

Or contact Charlotte Brown, Recovery Pathways Lead 07890 996 586