Wellbeing Support for NHS and GMMH Staff

We understand that you may be feeling worried or concerned.

You are not on your own – we are all in this together.

Please find lots of information, support and activities for your mental and physical wellbeing below.​​

We have picked out a selection of resources to help your health and wellbeing here, including updated offers on wellbeing apps into 2021.

You can also find lots of support and resource on the NHS People website: https://people.nhs.uk/

* Where the below information references NHS Staff, this also includes anyone volunteering for the NHS * 

To access some of the below you will need an NHS email address.


  • The NHS has launched a mental health helpline to support NHS staff as they help people deal with the coronavirus. NHS staff will be able to call or text a free number staffed by thousands of specially trained volunteers, to receive support and advice for the pressures they face every day during the global health emergency.

    The volunteers will listen to NHS staff and give psychological support to those in need. Anyone who requires further help will be signposted to other services ranging from practical and financial assistance through to specialist bereavement and psychological support.

    To contact the NHS helpline, phone 0300 131 7000, or text FRONTLINE to 85258. The phone line will be open between 7am and 11pm every day, while the text service will be 24/7.
  • NHS Bereavement Helpline: The NHS recognises the difficulties and challenges that losing a loved one can bring and have set up a bereavement helpline to offer support and advice to families, friends and carers.
    To speak to a trained nurse, call 0800 2600 400. The helpline is open 8am to 8pm every day. More information: NHS Bereavement Helpline Information Sheet.pdf
  • The Queen's Nursing Institute has launched a new listening service for registered nurses. To find out about how the new service works, please visit our website: https://www.qni.org.uk/help-for-nurses/the-listening-service/ 

Support for GMMH Staff

  • You can contact PAM Assist, GMMH's confidential Employee Assistance Programme, 24 hours a day 7 days a week to speak to someone confidentially. PAM Assist offers a wealth of information around your lifestyle, food, your mental and physical health and what's going on in your world. To contact PAM Assist, employees can telephone 0800 882 4102 or visit www.pamassist.co.uk (for access to this, please email internalHR@gmmh.nhs.uk.) If an employee feels unable to contact PAM Assist directly, their manager can make a referral to PAM Assist on their behalf.


  • HR and OD are here to support you – we understand you may have queries about your employment, so do not hesitate to get in touch - contact 0161 358 1942 or internalHR@gmmh.nhs.uk. Supporting Agile working - We are encouraging flexible working where possible. If you feel you would benefit from this, speak to your line manager or HR.

GM Resilience Hub

We're here for you

The Greater Manchester Resilience Hub was set up in response to the Manchester Arena Attack in 2017 to co-ordinate care and support for thousands of children, young people and adults whose mental health and/or emotional wellbeing was affected

As a central point for mental health advice and support, the Hub is now providing support for all health and care workers, across Greater Manchester, who have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

You can access this support via the following link: https://www.penninecare.nhs.uk/mcrhub-covid19

Confidential Wellbeing Screening

Part  of their service offer includes a confidential wellbeing questionnaire for health and care workers (and their families) who have been saving lives, providing care and end of life care, as well as services for people who died from COVID-19 (this includes all staff such as facilities staff and other ancillary staff).

This service is only open to health and care workers and their immediate family members, to offer help and support if you and/or your family have experienced stressful or traumatic events associated with COVID-19.  If you believe you would benefit from this screening, you can access it via:  https://www.penninecare.nhs.uk/c19screening.  Those staff whose screening results indicate they are experiencing high levels of distress will receive a call from a qualified mental health professional.  All respondents will be given the Resilience Hub telephone number and have access to speak to qualified mental health professionals regardless of their screening results.  They will also be provided with national and local support services.

Other support offered on the Hub includes:

  • Webinars to share learning or helpful information.
  • Resources and advice, including self help guides and the GMHSCP hub.
  • NHS Staff Wellbeing Helpline.
  • NHS practitioner health events.
  • Facilitated peer support.
  • Information and support for managers who are concerned about a staff member, including direct referrals to the Hub.
  • Information and support for BAME staff.
  • Information and support for the families of staff.
  • Bereavement support.
  • And more…

Visit the Hub today to access these resources and more.

Rest and Relaxation Centre

  • A new rest and relaxation centre for frontline NHS staff has opened at the Etihad Campus tp provide staff with a safe space to unwind during the COVID pandemic. The Rest and Relaxation is in the National Squash Centre and can be easily accessed by public transport or car, with parking available on site. The new centre will be open 7:30am-10:00pm. For your safety and protection the site is being cleaned throughout the day to NHS standards.
  • Facilities will includes:
    • Quiet rooms and chill out spaces
    • Free Wifi
    • Running track
    • Exercise facilities set in 4meter of space
    • Changing rooms, lockers and shower
    • Café
      • Breakfast – hot and cold choices 8:30am – 10:30am
      • Lunch and Dinner – Hot and cold meals served from 12:00pm – 7:00pm
      • Snacks, fruit, tea, coffee and cold drinks served throughout the day
    • Working space and meeting room
  • Getting there
    • Parking: There is free parking outside the National Squash Centre.
    • Bus: From Piccadilly, no.216 bus to Etihad Stadium and is approximately 3 minute walk to centre.
    • Tram: You can catch a tram from St Peter’s Square to the Etihad Campus on the Ashton-under-Lyne line.
    • The Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) website contains route planners, to find your way from anywhere in Manchester, as well as downloadable timetables.
    • Map: https://goo.gl/maps/JtJDe3vx8FZcFfEVA
  • Leaflet:  Thank You NHS staff.pdf

Transport Offers

Free Bike Hire for NHS Staff based in Manchester

  • Working with TfGM & Manchester Bike Hire, to provide bikes for key workers.
    This scheme is available to all Manchester staff, but primarily designed for people that can’t get to work through other means.
    here are a range of bikes available on loan, and they come with helmets, lights and bike locks. Please follow this link manchesterbikehire.co.uk/bikehire/index.html​ to book a bike.

Cycles for Key Workers

Priority Shopping, Deals and Discounts

NHS workers have been inundated with kind offers of support from a wide range of companies – from discounted taxi rides, to dedicated supermarket shopping times, to free food and discounted products.

NHS England and NHS Improvement has been working to verify these offers and bring them into a single place, so that NHS staff can take advantage of them. This list includes offers across supermarkets, food and transport as well as how to access the offers, and any terms and conditions to be aware of.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list  (check the link for up to date info)  and it will be updated regularly with any changes and new offers: www.england.nhs.uk/coronavirus/publication/list-of-nhs-staff-offers/

NHS Employers National priority shopping and discounts for NHS staff


Health Service Discounts - Christmas Deals!

With the year nearly over, it is time to feel a little festive and do our best to end the year as positively as we can. We know it has not been an easy year by any means, but you’re still going and we’re still grateful.

That's why Health Service Discounts have setup a Christmas Deals page meaning you can get some last minute gifts, treats and discounts just in time!


Blue Light Card Black Friday Campaign

Blue Light Card have launched their Black Friday Campaign outlining not only exclusive enhanced Black Friday offers launching this Friday 27 November, but also a range of savings on everything from tinsel to turkey to Christmas trees as we start getting into the festive spirit. Please further information about deals in the leaflet here.

For more details please view the Blue Light Card website.


Rainbow Thursday

From Thursday 19th November, Health Service Discounts are launching a week long campaign just for NHS Staff, to say a massive thank you for the incredible work staff in all roles have played this year.

For more information, and to sign-up to access discounts across the week, please visit the website here: https://healthservicediscounts.com/black-friday-deals


Blue Light Card Say Thank You Campaign

In response to Coronavirus, Blue Light Card have launched the Say Thank You campaign. They have enlisted the help of retailers across the UK; asking them to ramp up their offers, discounts and freebies and make sure that - when your team members aren’t at work - they can save their time and their money.​

You can find all 'Say Thank You' discounts on their website: https://www.bluelightcard.co.uk/bluelightcardnewsdetails.php?id=113​. 

You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook​ for announcements of​ new deals, competitions and enhanced offers.

Discounted Travel

Minicabit are offering NHS staff a 10% discount code on their services until the end of the year, which they can use by registering via this link https://www.minicabit.com/nhs with their NHS email address and then using the code NHST3KH.

Note that this is over and above any additional discounts that may be applied.

HOME Manchester Cinema

HOME are offering priority booking for NHS and Emergency Services staff as a thankyou for everything they have done during the pandemic. They reopen on 4th September and the reopening film programme is on priority sale. To use the priority booking, key workers will need to sign up for a free NHS and Emergency Services membership which will allow their system to know they are eligible. You can do this here: https://homemcr.org/nhs-and-emergency-services-priority-booking/


  • The British Malt Loaf maker, are giving thanks to the NHS, key workers and supporting charities by providing thousands of Soreen snacks to those in need across the UK.
  • The Manchester-based company have teamed up with Checkout Smart to offer NHS staff and key workers at the front lines of the coronavirus thousands of free products from its snacking range.
  • NHS staff, key workers or people on behalf of those workers can visit: www.checkoutsmart.com/soreen, enter their details and redeem Soreen products free of charge.

Mobile Phone Deals

  • 02 
    • Minutes - all pay monthly customers now have unlimited minutes, automatically added to account from 1 April 2020, do not need to apply.  Current expiry date 30 April, but expect it to be extended.  Information on website
    • Data – email nhs@o2.com from your NHS email account with your name and mobile phone number and 10 GB of data will be added to your account for three months from when you apply; deadline for application is 22 May 2020.
  • EE
    • Register with EE at www.perks.ee.co.uk create an account to gain access to discounts, which includes 20% of your pay monthly plan or unlimited data until end of October, (this may be extended)
    • 20% off your current plan as an existing customer, or can be applied to a new contract; access discount codes from www.perks.ee.co.uk
    • Data – phone 07953 966 250 (I selected option 2 then option 4), you will be asked for a work phone number and NHS email address, the customer advisor I spoke to advised they are allowing customers to email a copy of their NHS id badge to qualify for the offer.
  • Vodafone
    • All plans have unlimited minutes and texts
    • Offer for unlimited data – accessed via the Vodafone app, very me rewards, need to register working for the NHS and provide your NHS email address.
  • Virgin
    • Data – all customers will have 10 GB of data automatically added to their account
  • Tesco
    • Additional 5000 minutes, 5000 texts and 500GB data available until 1 June 2020 for certain frontline workers.
  • BT
    • Unlimited data - Contact BT on 0800 800 150, state volunteer for GMMH, and applying for unlimited data and provide them with your GMMH email address.  BT will send an email to the GMMH account, you need to reply to it to verify the details.  BT will apply the unlimited data to your account.  Currently there is no expiry date on this offer.

Rick Astley has announced a free concert for all NHS frontline staff

  • Primary Care workers and all blue light staff performing a career-spanning set on Wednesday 28 October 2020 at Manchester Arena. Tickets available from Thursday 2 April at 7pm www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/1F00587FB4AA0C41

Free will writing worth £200

  • Accord Legal Services wants to ‘give something back’ to key workers so are offering free will writing service across the country.
  • People working in NHS organisations across the country have taken them up on the offer, including those from Norfolk and Norwich University Foundation Trust and East of England Ambulance Service.
  • A spokesperson for Accord said: “This pandemic has proved that none of us know what is around the corner. Making a Will may not be at the top of everybody’s list of priorities right now, but it is nonetheless vitally important. We want to make it easier than ever before for our key workers to cross this task off their to-do list.”
  • For more information call 0843 5065115 or email info@accordwills.co.uk

London-based freebies for NHS staff

  • Here to Help London has been helping London's COVID-19 key workers by providing lots of different freebies in London.
  • As a show of gratitude for the work of GMMH, Here to Help London's partner Blue Orchid Hotels is offering 'Gifts of Kindness', such as free accommodation, afternoon tea, etc.
  • If you are, or plan to be, in London soon, why not check out their offers?https://www.blueorchid.com/en/nhs_GiftKindness.html

Lily’s Kitchen Proper Treats for Dogs

Please note, GMMH does not endorse any particular company or product.