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Don't let Fake news stop you from booking your COVID-19 vaccine

Our staff vaccination programme is picking up pace with over 2,370 GMMH staff receiving their first safe COVID-19 vaccination, and 1,409 booked in to receive their jab in the next 5 days.  

NHS staff are in a priority group to receive the vaccine because of their heightened risk of exposure to the virus, so it's really important you take this opportunity to protect yourself now. 

Strict approval processes mean that all approved vaccines are safe and are our best defence against the virus. 

Getting vaccinated means protecting yourself from the virus so you can be there for your family, friends and patients. 

Dr Mehran Javeed

"I had the vaccine, not just to protect myself, but more importantly, to protect the vulnerable people I serve."

Dr Mehran Javeed
Consultant in Later Life Psychiatry and Lead for Memory Services, Salford 


If you are worried about the safety of the vaccine, it's important to know that the COVID-19 vaccinations have been approved by the MHRA, the official UK regulator, like all other medicines and devices.  

The vaccines have undergone months of rigorous testing and the MHRA's approval processes mean we can be sure that they meet strict safety standards and offer high levels of protection.


"My family, friends, colleagues and I have discussed on numerous occasions about waiting for as long as we can, to see if this vaccine was safe before getting it ourselves. On seeing the rise in infections and deaths, it just broke my heart thinking about families who are losing their loved ones to this pandemic.

"That was enough for me to decide it was my duty to do my part. Having the vaccine has been my small contribution in the fight to save lives."

John Kavamba
Positive and Safe Trainer

John Kavamba


If you are concerned about the vaccine including any animal products or egg, we'd like to reassure you that there is no meat, meat products or eggs in either vaccine. There is no pork, there is no alcohol, and it has been accepted and endorsed by all the religious leaders, religious councils and faith communities. A detailed review of the vaccines and their ingredients have been provided by the MHRA.  

For the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine information is available here.

For the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine information is available here.

Serious allergic reactions are rare. Both vaccines have been tested on tens of thousands of people and assessed by experts. Trial participants included a range of those from various ages, immune-compromised and those with underlying health conditions, and both found the efficacy of the vaccine translates through all. 

Dr Shermin Imran "I think it is our responsibility to look after ourselves and those we care for, both our family and our service users.

"Although the effects of the vaccine can be a bit uncomfortable for a couple of days, due to common side effects which I also experienced, like muscle aches and tiredness, this seems nothing compared to the pain COVID infection can potentially cause to ourselves and others.

"I had my vaccine at the Curve on the Prestwich site and was really impressed by the professionalism and courtesy of our colleagues delivering this for us."

Dr Shermin Imran
Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and Lead Clinician for our CAMHS Services


There is a lot of fake news and false information about the vaccines and we'd like to make it clear there is no evidence to suggest that it will alter your DNA. 
The vaccine cannot give you COVID-19 infection, and will reduce your chance of becoming seriously ill. 


"There is so much misinformation about the vaccine out there that I understand why some people are not wholly enthusiastic about this vaccine and remain suspicious about its effects. But I urge everyone to embrace the Covid-19 vaccines, which have undergone thorough testing and have met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness. This is especially important for us as healthcare staff. It will help reduce the risk of transmission from us to our colleagues and to our patients who are especially vulnerable.

"I did not hesitate at all when I was told I could book my vaccine slot. I have now received the first dose of the vaccine and I have total confidence in its safety.

"These vaccines have the potential to bring back normality to our lives, meaning we can eventually see our families, hug our loved ones, kiss our grandchildren and simply spend time together once more. It will also allow people to eventually return to their jobs, socialise by going out eating and drinking, attend sporting and music events and do the stuff that makes for a better life."

Dr Swanand Patwardhan
Consultant Psychiatrist, Park House

Dr Swanand Patwardhan


Getting vaccinated only protects you from the virus, so you will still need to follow IPC and testing measures in your workplace, and follow general advice at work, at home and when you are out and about: 

  • Practice social distancing 
  • Wear a face mask 
  • Wash your hands carefully and frequently 
  • Follow the current guidance:

COVID-19 vaccine side effects 

Most side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine are mild and should not last longer than a week, such as: 

  • a sore arm where the needle went in 
  • feeling tired 
  • a headache 
  • feeling achy 
  • feeling or being sick 

You can take painkillers, such as paracetamol, if you need to. If you have a high temperature you may have coronavirus or another infection. If your symptoms get worse or you are worried, call 111. 

To book your vaccination slot at The Curve 
Click on the link
To book your vaccination slot with MFT at North Manchester General Hospital 
Click on the link

The free vaccine will protect you against COVID-19 so you can keep protecting others. 

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