Consultant Psychiatrist opportunities in General Adult Psychiatry

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General Adult Psychiatry is the largest speciality in Psychiatry and GMMH has a variety of posts for Consultants in this area. Due to the size and location of the Trust it is possible for Consultants in General Adult Psychiatry to be moved within the Trust and explore different career opportunities even after their initial appointment. We have posts in inpatient services, community posts and posts in urgent care and liaison services, each with its own challenges and rewards.

Liaison Psychiatry

This is a particularly exciting time for Liaison services especially in the city of Manchester, which has three acute hospitals. We have had significant investment from Greater Manchester Combined Authority to support hospitals across the region, especially in Manchester, to expand liaison services to Core 24 standards. As a Consultant you will have the ability to take an active role in shaping these services to cater for the local population’s needs.

Liaison Psychiatrists, and the teams they work with, come in contact with a culturally diverse group of patients that are served by GMMH. There is a thriving student population, but we also have large numbers of older people referred to our teams. We see a wide range of mental health problems and commonly encounter self-harm, delirium, affective and psychotic disorders, anxiety, addiction problems and dementia. We also see people with medically unexplained symptoms, perinatal mental health problems and eating disorders. These conditions vary in complexity, and are further complicated by co-morbid physical health problems.

Working in Liaison Psychiatry places us in a somewhat unique environment for our specialty.  We have developed close working relationships with our acute trust colleagues in order to provide holistic care for patients. We also act as advocates for patients with mental health problems, who can often feel lost and without a voice in the busy general hospital setting. In addition to providing safe and effective care, we provide education and training to healthcare professionals from all disciplines within the acute trust, on a wide range of topics including: common mental health problems and their treatments, legal frameworks, risk assessment and management, to name but a few. 

The liaison teams in GMMH are dynamic and multi-disciplinary, and we work very closely with liaison practitioners and psychologists. With the rapid expansion of the teams there has been a need to think about the training and development needs of our staff, and there are numerous opportunities available to become involved in delivering this training. It should be recognised that there is a wealth of liaison expertise in the region and as such, the Greater Manchester Liaison Mental Health Network has been established. This forum allows for networking, sharing of good practice and provides CPD opportunities.

Community Mental Health Teams

The Trust has established Community Mental Health Teams and Early Intervention Services across Manchester, Trafford, Bolton and Salford. These teams see a diverse range of patients with severe mental health problems. In Manchester the teams are going through a redesign with a move away from large outpatient caseloads and towards the Consultant Psychiatrist working in an integrated way alongside other professionals within the Community Mental Health Team. This will offer more comprehensive recovery focussed care to patients as well as rewarding and sustainable consultant posts.

The Trust offers ongoing opportunities for Consultants to involve themselves in quality improvement in the Community Mental Health Teams. For example, improving the physical health of patients with severe mental illness has been a key goal for our community teams and each team now has a dedicated physical health nurse, supporting patients to improve their physical health. The teams are also forging closer links with GPs through identified GP link workers within each team.

Working as a consultant psychiatrist as part of a Community Mental Health Team offers the rewarding experience of being able to treat patients in their own communities, from the point of acute illness to recovery. It remains challenging and intellectually stimulating work, treating patients who present with a wide range of psychiatric presentations and complex comorbidities, the management of which often require the consideration of psychological and social factors, as well as pharmacological treatment and it remains a cornerstone of psychiatric practice. 

Adult In-Patient Psychiatry

The Trusts Adult inpatient posts provide a varied and exciting career opportunity that offers the chance to make a real difference to the lives of some of our most unwell patients.

This role allows you to work with a multi-disciplinary team providing holistic evidence based care working with people to manage their mental health and risks when at their most distressed. As the Consultant you have the opportunity to develop those working relationships and provide clinical leadership to enhance the clinical offer within the team and wider unit. The multi-disciplinary team you work with also provide the support to provide this care.

There is an opportunity to work alongside other professionals and teams to ensure that care is provided in the least restrictive manner and facilitate timely move on to other services that can support people in their recovery as appropriate.

Inpatient care also provides the framework of the Mental Health Act to support the delivery of appropriate care for people who are unable to access it for themselves. Working with a variety of different clinical disciplines alongside operational managers provides a basis for you to offer an excellent standard of care.

As a Senior Clinician within the team there is scope to develop the careers of junior doctors working with you, the wider MDT and the clinical offer within the service.

An inpatient environment is an ideal clinical setting for Consultants at any stage of their career. For those starting as a Consultant there is the opportunity to access the knowledge and experience of more senior colleagues working within the unit as well as accessing the support of the wider team.

For those more experienced Consultants it offers an ideal setting to use your experience and clinical skills to provide excellent care for your patients within the framework of an MDT.

Key areas to make any medical career rewarding and sustainable include feeling able to use the skills you possess, be supported to develop these skills and work with other like-minded professionals to use these to offer a high standard of care. Inpatient Psychiatry offers an excellent opportunity to meet these goals.

Home Based Treatment Services

As a Consultant in Home Based Treatment in Manchester, you'll undertake a role that is both challenging and hugely rewarding.

You will engage with a very diverse group of patients from across the cultural and socio-economic spectrum, with a wide variety of mental health problems and diagnoses. You will have the opportunity to work responsively to patient needs to offer individual treatment, which is both person centred and evidence based.

Working with patients in relapse or crisis or at first presentation to secondary mental health services you will have an impact on both the immediacy of patients’ experience and recovery and on the trajectory for patients’ ongoing recovery and future contact with mental health services.

You will work integrally with a multi-disciplinary team of experienced colleagues; training and inspiring future generations of colleagues and you will interact with multidisciplinary and psychiatrist colleagues across all of Manchester.

In the era of 'devo-Manc' and as acute mental health services have a rising profile both in Manchester and beyond, being a Home Based Treatment  Consultant would be a challenging and inspiring role.

Consultant Psychiatrist Vacancies

Our Trust has other roles available at all grades and in a wide variety of job areas. Whether you are a junior doctor seeking a Trust Doctor post or Speciality Doctor post, we are keen to hear from you.

Our current vacancies are listed here.

For more information about opportunities in Manchester and Trafford services contact Dr Taseer Kazmi on 0161 358 5778 or email:

For more information about opportunities in Bolton, Salford and Rehabilitation Services contact Dr Alice Seabourne on 0161 358 4276 or email: