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Let's Talk

We would like to ask people who have experience of mental health difficulties to complete a survey about stigma.  This is to inform the ‘Let’ Talk’ project.  

People who experience mental health difficulties say that they sometimes face negative attitudes from others about psychosis (this is called stigma), or that they have been treated unfairly because of their experiences (this is called discrimination). For some, negative public beliefs about psychosis may make them think or feel negatively about themselves (this is called ‘internalised stigma’). Some people say that weighing up decisions about ‘disclosing’ or talking about a mental health difficulty to others such as friends, family, community members or employers can be difficult because they’re concerned about stigma.  

An approach to helping people with internalised stigma and concerns about disclosing mental health experiences was developed in America and was originally called the Honest Open Proud (HOP) programme. In the UK the name has been changed to the ‘Lets’ Talk’ project. The aim of this programme is to reduce the impact of internalised stigma. In response to the Coronavirus Disease, known as COVID-19, we are also interested in examining the possible psychological and social impact of COVID-19.  

We want to speak to anyone who has experience of a mental health difficulty to ask some questions about wellbeing (mental health and physical), knowledge and experience of COVID-19 and social support during this time. 

For more information about taking part in the survey, please read our Let's Talk Service User Survey Participant Information Sheet. Then, if you’d like to take part, please speak to your care coordinator or psychiatrist.

NIHR Portfolio Studies Looking for Participants

Below is a chart of NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) Portfolio research studies running across GMMH (excludes service specific studies) currently looking for participants:

Current Studies - Mental Health - v1.2.pdf [pdf] 174KB

If you would like to know more about taking part in any of these mental health studies you can contact Steve Lanskhear NIHR Lead Clinical Studies Officer.

Telephone: 07507 845 953  Email: 

This does not commit you to taking part but Steve will be able to discuss what studies might be suitable for you and answer any questions you may have.  All information will be kept confidential.