Wellbeing Services (buzz, PARS, Oral Health)


buzz is the new Manchester Health and Wellbeing Service.

Our staff aim to improve the health and wellbeing of people and communities in Manchester. We want to help individuals and families live fuller, healthier, happier, longer lives. To find out more about buzz, visit our website or follow us on Twitter @buzzmanc. To access our Manchester Knowledge Services, please click HERE.

Our teams are experts in health improvement and self-care. Our Community Neighbourhood Workers will be working in the heart of the communities.

  • Increasing social capital and connectedness within neighbourhoods and communities can have a positive influence on health outcomes.
  • Increasing opportunities for social connection enhances resilience, giving people more skills to cope with adversity.
  • Increased participation and sense of control over an individual's life, contributes to physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Advisors offer one to one support for individuals to identify and work towards goals which will improve their health and wellbeing. This may include offering support on:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Physical activity
  • Oral health

Wellbeing Advisors
Contact details:  0161 271 0505.  Address:  Fallowfield Library, 1st Floor, Platt Lane, Fallowfield M14 7FB
Contact details:  0161 882 2583. Address: Victoria Mill, Lower Vickers Street, Miles Platting M40 7LJ


Physical Activity Referral Scheme (PARS)

The Physical Activity Referral Service helps people living with long term health conditions to increase their levels of physical activity in a safe and structured environment. The service provides health screening and advice as well as access to exercise sessions led by highly qualified exercise professionals. The sessions are run across Manchester in local leisure and community centres.

The service offers a range of different types of activity. There will be a small charge for each activity either within the PARS service or within Manchester Leisure Services and Facilities.

More details can be found on the  PARS Patient Information leaflet

Please see the recent  Health walks for details on activities taking place in your area.

Contact details:

Telephone: 0161 882 2591. Address: Victoria Mill, Ground Floor, Lower Vickers Street, Miles Platting, M40 7LJ


Oral Health

The purpose of the service is to improve oral health by working with individuals, partners and communities to deliver programmes that meet local needs and have a positive impact on improving oral health and reducing health inequalities.

Services include co-coordinating programmes to improve access to dental care and maintaining a variety of programmes which aim to provide education and the means to improve self care habits for different groups in the population.  Most aim to increase the availability of fluoride using a variety of vehicles.

Key partners include other health care workers, with particular focus on those providing primary dental care, community nurses, education and social care workers and the wider Manchester Public Health Development Service.

The team do not provide a clinical service, except in the application of fluoride varnish as part of community level interventions.

Contact details

Address: Fallowfield Library. Telephone: 0161 232 4204 or 0161 248 1761/1759/1760

Dental Helpline numbers for Manchester: If you have dental pain or swelling and need urgent care between the hours of 8am-6pm please call 0161 476 9649

Between the hours of 6pm-10pm and on weekends and bank holidays please call 0161 337 2246

If you are looking for a new NHS dentist please call 111

Alternatively you can log on to NHS Choices, www.nhs.uk and click on dentists.