Equality into Action information

EDS2 Grading

Goals and outcomes

In December 2017 we conducted EDS2 Grading for the following goals and outcomes:

Goal 1:  Better Health Outcomes

Outcome 1.3: Transitions from one service to another, for disabled people and people from black and minority ethnic communities are made smoothly with everyone well informed.

Goal 2: Improved patient access and experience

Outcome 2.4: Disabled people’s and people from black and minority ethnic communities complaints about services are handled respectfully and efficiently

Equality into Action information and evidence: Goal Two evidence.docx [docx] 2MB

Goal 1 Presentation: GMMH 1 EDS2.pptx [pptx] 400KB

Goal 2 Presentation: GMMH 2 powerpoint.pptx [pptx] 178KB

Tell us how you think we are doing

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