EPAD Research Journeys

EPAD LOGO EPAD - the European Prevention of Alzheimer's Dementia Consortium - is an interdisciplinary research programme spanning public and private sector organisations across Europe. Together, we are working towards understanding more about Alzheimer's Dementia and what we can do to prevent and treat it.

Here are some quotes about EPAD from those who have been involved in the programme at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust: 

For more information about EPAD, visit: http://ep-ad.org 

Tobias Langheinrich, Consultant Neurologist

"Phot of TobiasThe last 20 years have seen great advances in the treatment on neurological conditions. What was thought impossible in some diseases is now starting to become reality. This was the result of research. Progress seems to have been slower in Alzheimer's disease but science has continued to move on and our understanding of Alzheimer's disease is so much better. Failures in treatment studies are helping to comprehend the reasons why it didn't work. Efforts continue to implement this learning, push science further and hopefully bring us nearer to success."

The EPAD Delivery Team

"When we do research, we do this "with" a participant rather than "to" them, its all about team work, respect and empathy.  EPAD team

"We know that clinical research is where the reality of living with a condition interacts with the world of those striving to improve patient care and ultimately find a cure.

"Those taking part can't divorce themselves from their reality and we wouldn't expect them to, they can attend visits fustrated, in tears, irritable. So we always work hard to make sure anyone who chooses to take part in one our studies feels supported and understood; we value their commitment and know that the relationships they build with us are key to a positive research experience. 

"No two days are ever the same in this job and although at times it can feel like an emotional rollercoaster, we know that eventually our commitment and that of those who choose to participate in our studies will lead to the breakthrough we've been looking for."


Carole and John

"Photo of Carole and JohnWe had strong feelings from the day john was initially diagonsed with MCI that, even if dementia was inevitable and there was no magic cure, if we could assist with studies to help future sufferes, possibly our own children, grandchildren etc. they we should try. As a bonus for us we have the comfort blanket of a caring team of experts, every one of whom has helped to make us feel more confident about the future. My father suffers from Vascular Dementia and we found it difficult during the diagnosis period to have his doctors listen to and appreciate the input of his family.

"The EPAD Team have the right approach - the whole family suffer from the dementia and need to be heard and supported. Hopefully their attitude, and the information gleaned from this study, will help improve the future diagnosis and treatment of dementia and encourage more massively needed investigation and investment into this awful condition. Thank you for helping."

As a patient

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