Engagement teams

Engagement Teams help to enhance and maintain, service users’ role in society, including supporting them into continued employment. Our aim is to improve the quality of mental health and wellbeing of our service users on CPA under locality Community Mental Health Teams.

We proactively support those who are seeking employment, and encourage service users to develop social contacts and promote independence.

We help our service users in the following ways:

  • Retaining their current employment and have successfully returned into work after a period of sickness.
  • Successfully winning disability tribunal appeal hearings for service users; this ensures individuals continue to receive the correct welfare benefits they are entitled to.
  • Secured a variety of welfare benefit claims (new and renewals) for service users; this ensures they receive the correct welfare benefits they are entitled to.
  • Support service users to gain paid employment both full and part time.
  • Successfully put a number of service users on job placements and volunteering roles, within the local authority.