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Living with Addiction

“Addiction is a persistent, compulsive dependence on a behaviour or substance.” (FRANK)

If you have an addiction or know someone who has an addiction, you’re not alone. An estimated two million people in the UK are fighting an addiction.

As part of this interactive day, you will explore the experiences of people living with addiction and how this affects those close to them. We will also look at how people overcome addiction and what helps the recovery process.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of what it’s like to live with an addiction or support someone with an addiction 
  • Consider the range of experiences someone may have
  • Have a better understanding of what recovery is, how recovery comes about and how it’s maintained 
  • Explore what helps when someone is living with addiction and what support is available.

Lead tutors: Stephen Maloney and Kerry-Anne Peters

“I have been highly impressed with the delivery and content on this training course. I found all the information and presentations very informative. I feel like I have acquired an enhanced knowledge of those suffering, living or having experienced addiction.”

Dates, Times and Venues:

11 November 2019 – 10am to 4pm
Room 3, The Curve, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 3BL

13 January 2020 – 10am to 4pm
Redbank House, 4 St. Chad’s Street, Manchester M8 8QA

2 March 2020 – 10am to 4pm
Start in Salford, Brunswick House, 62 Broad Street, Salford, Manchester M6 5BZ


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