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An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Skills

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a type of talking therapy that strengthens people’s own motivation and commitment to change by using collaborative conversation to explore people’s own reasons for change.

The rationale for this approach is that people are more likely to change if they have been encouraged to make their own decisions to do this.

This two-day introductory course will introduce you to the principles and underlying spirit of MI.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the basic principles of MI
  • Become familiar with the fundamental spirit of MI
  • Know about the effectiveness of MI
  • Directly experience an MI approach and contrast it with other approaches
  • Know the practical guidelines for using MI
  • Gain direct experience and initial practice of MI
  • Learn the processes used within MI sessions.

Lead tutors: Stephen Maloney, Fiona McDonald and Ben Metcalfe

“The group discussions were encouraged and peoples life experience really helped solidify some of the learning points.”

Dates, Times and Venues

7 & 8 November 2019 – 10am to 4pm
Redbank House, 4 St. Chad’s Street,Manchester M8 8QA

14 & 15 January 2020 – 10am to 4pm
Great Places Housing Group, Pomona Gardens, 26 Cornbrook Court,Stretford, Manchester M15 4EP

11 & 12 February 2020 – 10am to 4pm
Room 3, The Curve, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 3BL


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