Full course list for Spring/Summer 2017

  1. Advocacy in Mental Health

  2. An Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  3. An Introduction to Compassion Focussed Therapy

  4. An Introduction to Life Story Work

  5. An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Skills

  6. Assertiveness Skills

  7. Basic Information Technology (IT) Skills

  8. Basic Maths Skills

  9. Basic Reading, Writing and Communication Skills

  10. British Sign Language Level 2

  11. Build a Better You: Nutrition for Health and Wellbeing

  12. Building Self Esteem

  13. Co-Production - Getting it right

  14. Creative Facilitation Skills

  15. Creative Writing

  16. Deaf Awareness Training

  17. Dementia Friends

  18. Diabetes and me

  19. Empowered Conversations – A communication course for family and carers of people living with dementia

  20. Facilitating Self-Help Groups

  21. Faith and Recovery

  22. Family Intervention: education for carers, relatives and partners of people with Personality Disorder

  23. Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation & Mental Health

  24. Health and Wellbeing for Carers

  25. Helping Children Manage Parental Mental Health or Substance Misuse Problems

  26. How Culture Affects Mental Health

  27. Introduction to Mindfulness

  28. Introduction to Relaxation Skills

  29. Job Application Skills

  30. Knowledge is Power - Finding health information to support recovery

  31. Level 2 Award in Peer Mentorship

  32. LightLeaks Photography

  33. Living well with Dementia

  34. Living with a Dual Diagnosis

  35. Living with Addiction

  36. Living with an Autism Spectrum Condition

  37. Living with Anxiety and Depression

  38. Living with Bipolar Disorder

  39. Living with Eating Disorders

  40. Living with Hearing Voices

  41. Living with Hoarding Behaviours

  42. Living with OCD

  43. Living with Personality Disorder

  44. Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  45. Living with Psychosis

  46. Living with Self-Harm

  47. Mental Health and Sexual Functioning

  48. Music and Recovery

  49. Nature to Nurture

  50. Node-Link Mapping and Behavioural Activation

  51. Overcoming Sleep Problems

  52. Overcoming Stigma

  53. Planning Ahead: understanding advance decisions

  54. Recovering from Domestic Abuse

  55. Recovery Star

  56. Recovery through Radio and Podcasting

  57. Shared Reading Group

  58. To Tell or not to Tell - Sharing your Story

  59. Train the Trainer

  60. Understanding Anger and Aggression

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