Communities are at the heart of buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service, informing and inspiring local wellbeing initiatives. buzz uses a community development approach to improve health and wellbeing in neighbourhoods and communities by involving residents.

buzz has four key priorities:

  • Community development: Increase the involvement of local people in local solutions around health and wellbeing.
  • Networks and partnerships: Participate in a range of networks and partnerships including Age Friendly and Early Help networks.
  • Outreach projects: Give communities the chance to meet and talk about projects that matter to them.
  • Knowledge and information: Share health information, research and knowledge across the city.

There are 12 buzz Neighbourhood Health Workers, one in each neighbourhood in Manchester plus specialist Neighbourhood Health Workers who work with Age Friendly Manchester and Starting Well Developing Well teams.

Neighbourhood Health Workers focus on community development to increase the involvement of local people in improving their own wellbeing. By talking to local residents and getting to know them, they are able to find out what health and wellbeing initiatives people would like to see in their neighbourhoods and to support them in making them happen.

If you have long term physical health condition and struggle to exercise then our Physical Activity Referral Service (PARS) can help you increase your levels of activity in a safe and structured environment.

If you are working in Manchester, our Knowledge Service can help. We are a library and resource centre for people working in health and social care.