Shining the Spotlight on our Bespoke Training Packages for Other Organisations

Recovery Academy Learner

In January 2020, the Recovery Academy celebrated its 7th birthday! Since the launch of the very first prospectus on 1st April 2013, we have increased the number of courses on offer from 11 to 68, and seen our student population grow to over 7,000. During the last year we have also been able to celebrate reaching our target which was to ensure equal use of the Recovery Academy between people with lived experience of mental health and/or addiction difficulties and people with professional expertise.

As the number of students with lived experience has grown, we have been unable to offer places on courses to all of the people with professional experience who have made enquiries. Most courses now see an equal split but the demand from professionals remains high.

The Recovery Academy will always remain loyal to our students with lived experience because our main goal is to provide people with the knowledge and skills to maintain their own recovery.

However, we also know that this unique learning environment where everybody’s expertise is welcome and shared, is helping to change the culture of health and social care services from one where professionals do things to and for people, to one where co-production is at the heart of everything, from collaborative care, to collaborative service development and delivery.

If you are looking for learning that is co-produced and co-delivered between our Recovery Academy trainers who come from a range of backgrounds (service users, carers, nurses, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists) for your organisation then please get in touch. You can e-mail us at, or telephone us on 0161 358 1771.

We can develop learning to meet your specific service needs and can facilitate either face to face or via a live webinar using Microsoft Teams. We also have a range of e-learning products.

Many non-mental health specialist frontline services have asked us for mental health awareness type courses and we are happy to support services to:

  • Gain a key understanding of emotional distress and common coping skills individuals may adopt;
  • Consider the impact of trauma’s on people’s behaviours;
  • Learn core skills to engage effectively with individuals in distress remembering every interaction is an intervention; and
  • Gain an understanding of mental health support services and be equipped with signposting information.

We will even supply your staff with a badge – NHS Mental Health Trained by GMMH Recovery Academy. Furthermore, we offer our Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives Buddy training and additional accredited packages which teach skills that are transferable across the whole of the health, social care, welfare, education and criminal justice sectors including:

  • Level 2 Award in Peer Mentorship
  • Level 3 in Behavioural Activation
  • Level 3 Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
  • Level 3 in Group Facilitation Skills

Please get in touch to receive a unique training proposal that will meet your specific learning needs.

“Our course was excellent and relevant to assist with our work in the community.  The signposting information, active listening skills, guidance on empathy and engagement was excellent. Excellent, knowledgeable trainers with great dynamics.  It was really helpful to have someone with lived experience of mental health difficulties delivering the training. Couldn’t recommend it more!”

(MP’s, Mental Health Awareness, July 2019)